Minnewater Lake, love in Bruges

Minnewater Lake in Bruges

The beautiful and enchanting Bruges, the more bright pearl of the Belgian Crown. Who has not dreamed of a city where falling in love or be in love? or with a beautiful corner in which promising a kiss? The incomparable beauty of Bruges has no name, only a sound of bells and a color, that of their houses reflected in the mirror of the channels.

Minnewater, the Lake of Love

Bruges is a city for the lovers and a good proof of that is that, at the entrance, there is a beautiful park and a beautiful lake. It is the well-known by the belgians as the Minnewater, the Lake of Love.

It’s a lake channeled and from the bridge, built in 1740, you can enjoy a pleasant panoramic of the city. The best place to begin your romantic stay in the city. And that is precisely the word “Minne” means in Dutch: “love”.

The origin of the lake has two aspects, one very romantic and another, the truth. The less loving, and perhaps, the truth, is that in which account how served to channel the river Reie, at the entrance of Bruges, to be brought to the center of the city. Since then, the lake was used as a water tank where the water from the other channels of Bruges was kept.

But we wanted the romantic legend, because we like more…

Legends of the Minnewater

The name of the lake comes from a woman named Minna. She was in love with a citizen of Bruges, but was not of a social condition appropriate to marry with her, so the father of Minna refused the marriage. Then the girl ran away from home and hid in the area of the lake, where, unfortunately she died. The legend says her lover, broken of pain, separated the waters and he buried her under them in order to hold prisioner the love in the lake.

One of the symbols of the city of Bruges is the swan. And there are always many of them in the Lake of Love. There is also a lovely legend on the swans of Bruges.

It is reported that, in 1488, the people of Bruges had executed one of the administrators of the city belonging to the court of Maximilian of Austria. This administrator was called Pieter Lanchals (in Dutch “Lanchals” means long neck). Then the family Lanchals presented in its coat of arms the figure of a white swan.

Legend says that Maximilian punished to Bruges, forcing the city to keep its swans in the lakes and channels until eternity.

The truth is that we are not here to believe or not these legends. But what I can assure is that the Lake of Love is one of the most charming and idyllic places you can find in your visit to Bruges.

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