Weather in Belgium

Lluvia en Bélgica

The weather in Belgium is temperate maritime, with rainfall during almost the entire year although in the autumn months rains are more pronounced. Average temperatures are of 9 to 10ºC.

It should be noted that on the coast the temperatures are much milder, while in the interior, in the Ardennes, are more extreme, with really warm summers and winters of the colder. Thus, while in summer we have an average temperature of about 17ºC, in winter is about 3,1ºC.


In Belgium it rains almost all year. Annual precipitation is about 805 mm, being the months of April and November the rainiest.

Do it rains the same in all sites? No. Rains tend to be more abundant in Ardennes and the coast . Because of that, it is always good to carry a waterproof because you can be surprised with an unexpected rain, more in the months that we have pointed out as the most rainy.

Seasons in Belgium

  • Winter

It’s a beautiful season to visit Belgium. Although below zero temperatures can be reached, it’s quite normal that the snow arrives during these months, but, thanks to this, the landscapes are very beautiful. If we travel in winter we have to be prepared for low temperatures. Thus, a good jacket and warm clothing is essential, especially at night, when the temperatures fall.

  • Spring

It’s, perhaps, one of the most recommendable time to travel to Belgium. The temperatures begin to gradually increase, leaving behind the hard winter. We will find during these months sunny days and mild temperatures , ideal to walk by the large Belgian cities and enjoy their heritage.

  • Summer

Summer in Belgium is ideal. We are not facing a summer with excessively warm temperatures, which makes it pleasant. Thus, although July and August can be the hottest months of the year, average temperatures do not generally exceed 20ºC, a luxury for these months. Even so, it must be remembered that in Belgium it rains throughout the year, so that this station will not be an exception.

  • Autumn

Different colors for this season. Some gray days but with pleasant temperaturesbut the Autumns in Belgium are not too hard, so it’s a season quite advisable to travel. Although the temperatures are not low, remember that months, as November, are the rainiest in the country.

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