Miranda Castle, known as Noisy Castle

Miranda Castle outside

I was very curious to see the Castle Miranda when I saw in a postcard the silhouette after the mist of the also known as Noisy Castle. I asked about it to the owner of the bar where I was and told me that it had been left in 1991. I will always remember the penetrating look that offered me when he asked me: do you think going to visit it alone?

History of the Miranda Castle

It’s said that this Miranda Castle is one of the great haunted castles in the center of Europe. During the French Revolution, the family of the Count of Liedekerke-Beaufort fled the Castle of Veves to hide in a nearby farm. After the revolution, that nearby farm was expanded to become the gigantic building that it’s possible to see today.

The Miranda Castle was built in 1866 by the english architect Milner, who died before being able to see finished his work. Between the first and the second World War it received the nickname of Castle of Noisy, to host a camp for children of parents who worked in the railway companion. After ignite, it was abandoned in 1991, falling in ruins since then. The truth that the vision of the house it is frightening at first sight.

Miranda Castle with children

Visiting the Castle

It is incredible to cross a road full of trees, in the middle of a large thick forest, and appear suddenly the enormous silhouette of the Miranda Castle. Do not forget to bring your camera because the place will impress you on all the outside because the interior of the house is completely destroyed, a real shame.

Anyway, the sense of mystery involving the atmosphere is something that you will note in the same moment in which you arrive. It is advisable to go by day, because in the night is almost terrifying. You can visit the interior, but everything is scrambled and smashed. It is much better to stick with the sensation of the outside, surrounded by a dense grove, a forest and a magnificent atmosphere to make a small summer camp and telling stories of fear.

Noisy Castle

The Noisy Castle is located very close to the town of Houyet, in the Wallonia, a little less than twenty kilometers south of Dinant, making it a perfect day trip if we are in this beautiful city.

Others castles in Belgium

First photo by Pers Laurens
Last photo by Bert Kaufman

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