Faulx-les-Tombs Castle, in Namur

Faulk les Tombes castle old picture

Our castle of today is nine kilometers to the southeast of Namur, in the city of Faulx les Tombes. This Castle of Faulx les Tombes is one of the most beautiful in Belgium.

History of the Faulx-les-Tombes Castle

The origin of this castle is dated in the XIII century, built over the ancient ruins of an old castle of the X century which was depending on the county of Namur. Around 1340 the castle became part of the Marbaix family, although was traspassing by different families until in 1665 the Corswaren family took over the fortress.

The castle that we will find in our visit was rebuilt in the Gothic style in 1872, designed by the architect Beyaert but a disastrous fire in 1961 destroyed it in large measure, although it was rebuilt to become part in 1970 the village of Etterbeek. Today, unfortunately, the castle is privately owned and you can not visit the interior.

How is the castle?

The west facade is the oldest one in the fortress, dating back to 1563. The part that was destroyed by the terrible fire, mainly the northern part, was replaced by a tunnel that is flanked by the towers.

However, it’s a delight to be in their surroundings and see their pointy towers and the exuberant nature of the area. Really it seems like a fairytale castle and still has a slight medieval air very interesting. Its location next to the river Samson make it one of the most beautiful romantic castles of Belgium.

It is a pity that it’s not possible visit by inside because I am sure that the views it has from its towers so picturesque must be fascinating. This does not detract from the fact that really worth going to see and enjoy the views of such a beautiful castle.

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