Duvel and the Duvelorium Grand Beer Café, in Bruges

Duvel beer in Bruges

Talking about beers is a classic of Belgium. Nobody like them to develop strong beers and tasty, authentic delights for the palate of which will surely enjoy not only themselves but the thousands of tourists who are travelling here. They have the almost total hegemony in the trappist beers, also in a high percentage in the abbey beers, but also the can boast of having some of the best lagers in the international market.

If there is one that is a classic in Belgium is the Duvel beer, almost the national beer par excellence and without doubt one of the most drunk in bottle in that country. If you walk along the streets of their cities and you look at its bars and restaurants you will see a multitude of posters by referring to Duvel.

The Duvel is a blond beer of 8,5º, intense taste and a wonderful smell. Its color golden ochre, well brilliant, stands out in the cup and his foam is abundant and thick, which allows you to keep a good time. If  you taste you will note a degree of bitterness, but also a touch fruity stops in the mouth which compensates for this flavor to hops it has at the beginning. It is ideal to accompany the cheeses.

The Duvel is a beer that belongs to the brewer Moortgat and whose name comes, curiously, from the phrase “nen echte Duvel” (translated: “a real devil” – for its high graduation -)

Duvelorium in Bruges

Duvelorium in Bruges

In Bruges, the beautiful medieval flemish city, they show off of having the only brewery Duvel in the world, Duvelorium, and have in a unique location: in the very center of the city, at the Markt Square, just in front of the tower of the Hallen, in a historic building which also is the historical museum of the city, the Historium, from where you have access to this great coffee bar.

The panoramic terrace is spectacular, and in the interior of the Duvelorium, beautifully decorated with colors coppery, typical of the old stills where it was revealing the beer, you can enjoy not only of this great beer, but also of other of recognized prestige, as the Maredsous, the Chouffe’ or the De Koninck.

Duvelorium in Bruges

The Duvelorium is opne daily from 10 to 18 h.

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