Brussels Zaventem Airport, useful information

Brussels Zaventem Airport

Brussels Zaventem Airport is located 12 kilometers to the northwest of the capital via the highway. It absorbs most of the international flights in the country, since it has a specific terminal dedicated to this kind of flights. It has an 950 hectares area, with a main track of more than three and a half kilometers. But Zaventem it is not only an airport rather because in its surroundings you can see interesting gothic churches like San Martin’s one to two kilometers away from the terminal.

Access to Brussels airport is quite simple. By car you have the possibility to do it by the road of the northwest bypass, perfectly signposted from the city. You have to be careful when you go to take the plane back, because the road tends to have a lot of traffic in the peak hours. Leave out in advance and you will not have any problem.

From airport to Brussels and other cities

From the airport when you arrive in your flight, you can take a bus. The airport bus terminal of Brussels is located one floor below the arrivals terminal. The bus line that operates mainly in the airport is the De Lijn. You can access with this company from the airport to Brussels North or the station in Brussels Roodebeek. Also De Lijn operates with cities like Mechelen or Leuven.

Another line that operates in the capital airport is the Antwerp Express, which connects Brussels with Antwerp. These buses leave from the rear of the platform B. The journey lasts approximately 45 minutes and has a price of  about 10 euros for adults and 5 euros for children.

If you choose to take the train to get to your destination, the airport station is located on the ground floor -1. Up to four trains per hour connect the airport with Brussels North, Center and Brussels Midi. In addition, there are direct train services to the east, south and west of Belgium. You can connect with cities as Ghent, Aalst, Louvain or Liege.

The taxi stop is in front of the arrivals hall. The fare from the airport to the center of Brussels rounds the 35 euros. Licensed taxis are distinguished by their blue and yellow band. I say this because it is not uncommon to see illegal minicabs that can charge something more than 35 euros only for being tourists.

Services in the airport

The Brussels Airport offers a capacity of parking of 10600 seats, both for short stays as for long stays. Into the building of the terminal, Brussels Airport offers all the services you would expect from a major international airport, one of the largest movement of Europe. You have a post office, a bank, connections for pcs and notebooks. You can also rent mobile phones in Locaphone, in addition to the bars and restaurants and cafes.

For persons with disabilities, the airport offers all types of facilities. Those who need special assistance must inform in advance the airline with which is going to fly, and arrive to the airport with a minimum of two hours in advance.

Hotels and car rentals

There is a hotel at the airport, the Sheraton. There are others one near but you will be able to book from the same airport terminal in its center of reservations. Also the airport has the main companies to hire cars.

More information

You can know more about Brussels in the following link: Brussels tourism

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